Monday, April 26, 2010

SMK USJ 12 Hari Kantin

Basically last saturday was my school first public hari kantin. Which is a very surprise thing f.y.i (its SMK USJ 12!!!) if you're a subang people u will get it. heee :P Anyway, i didn't manage to enjoy myself. Not a single bit. Cause i was busy selling my bubble tea. Which turn out to be a success because i sold off everything except for yam (left little bit ni laaa!) I didn't even step out from the canteen for the whole time. 

But i was super glad and happy when i saw many of my friends came and visited me. As in, not school friends. Outside school/college friends. I was sooo touched even though i couldn't spend time with them. Especially my youth section one. Whole mob of them :') *touched dou*

Anyway, facebook are awesome because i get to grab pictures. Credits goes to naviin and lilian tham :) didn't grab much though. oh well, here goes...

Unit beruniform kawad competition
So coool :D
People start pouring in
Spot the haunted house :D
That's only 1 of it. There's more!
Water Dunk :D
See how muddy u get?
Some game.
Fear Factor yo ! dare to tryy?
Busy busy busy !
Yes, we have horse riding too :)
So cool right? 
More mob of people!
Look at the cars all coming in D:

It wasn't a normal canteen day with normal food and games. As u can see we have water dunking, Horse riding, and so much more. And the food. Fresh sushi, Barbecue food ( they brought expensive barbecue set over and barbecue okay!) like chicken, prawns !! , and so much more ! D: bubble tea, tortilla, and so much more. It was indeed a fun day by seeing people comments. I'm a bit regretted that i didn't have fun while stressing out my own. Oh well, at least, people know i do work hard okay ;)


hope u like the b'day song i sang to you :D
it was wayyyy random! heee !
Hope u have a blast one :)
and you're one awesome ketua pengawas and a good friend to count on ;)

p/s. Photoshoot pictures up next :D

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kenwooi said...

so nice got open day.. but my high school never organized one before.. just drama every year =)